Bulimba Women's Hockey Club Photo Albums

Club day 23 March
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2019 U13T Photos
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2018 Pan Pac Masters Games
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2018 13T Team Photos
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2018 Div 5 Team Photos
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2018 Trophy Night
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2018 U11B Semi Final
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Annual Club Games Night 2
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Annual Club Games Night
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2018 Maters Photos
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2018 Div 4 Team Photos
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2018 Bulimba Junior Teams
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2018 Div 3 team photos
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2018 Div 2 team photos
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2018 Commonwealth Games
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Seasons Past
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Snap shot of our 2017 Season
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2017 Teams
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Junior Teams Skills training: FF1 5pm-6pm
Junior Club Photo Day: please wear club skirt & socks 6pm-7pm
Div5/6 skills session HF2 7pm-8pm
Div 2,3 Turf Skills session: FF2 8pm-9pm
U9: 9.20am at RP1 vs Arana Red
U11C: 8.30am at Dp6 vs MBC
U13T: 9.15am at BP2 vs All Hallows
Div2: 1.25pm at BP1 vs Valley **NB change in times
Div3: 12noon at BP1 vs Valley
Mens Div1: 3pm at SHC2 vs Commercial
Div5: 1.30pm at UQ vs Univ
Div6: 3pm at UQ vs Univ
MM1: 7.05pm at EHTT vs Univ
MM2: 8.05pm at SHC1 vs Ascot
MM4: 6.40pm at RC vs Easts
BWHA Management Mtg at DP 5.30pm
BWHA Council 7pm: Club voting on Rule changes
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We are open 7 days a week; 10.00am to 3.00am
Closed Good Friday & Christmas Day
Street Address: Chadwick Hall, 1390 Creek Road, Carina

Postal Address: PO Box 21, Carina QLD 4152

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