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Please Note: BWHA will and do change things from time to time so check in with your Coaches and the Calendar for any updates to times and venues etc.
all Junior fixtures have been updated in Majestri @ 10th July

U13T Team

U13T2 Team Season Fixtures for Weeks 1 - 14

game for 18th Aug is staying at 10.30am at SHC

Click here for:   BWHA Turf field location in Brisbane

U11B Team

U11 Team fixtures: Please click on link below for draw

U11B Fixtures for Wks 1 - 14 18 Aug      updated 19/6

U11 Fixtures for Weeks 1 - 9     updated 23/8

U11 2nd Grading Game:  Sat 28 April

U11 Grading Games:  Sat April 21

Mud Map of playing fields at Downey Parkclick here for copy

BWHA Turf + Grass Field locations in Brisbane

click here for Address of the Hockey fields around Brisbane
BWHA Turf + Grass Field locations in Brisbane

Last Fixture Day
U7: 9.20am at Rp7 vs Pine Rivers
U9: 1.10am at Rp5 vs Saints
U11B: 8.30am at Dp11 vs SWU
U13T2: Wk14 10.30am at Shc1 vs Univ
Div 2: Wk22 4.30pm at Shc1 vs Ascot
Div 3: Wk22 6pm at Shc1 vs Ascot
1st Semi Final Div 4 Reserve: 1.30pm at SHC2 vs Valley
MM2: 7.45pm at Ehtt vs Redlands last fixture
MM3: 9.20pm at Shc2 vs SBE
MM4: 7.45pm at BP vs SWU last fixture
U13T + U11B Turf Training: HF1 5pm-6pm
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