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Sign On for 2020 Season

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our Online Sign On for the 2020 Hockey Season with the Bulimba Womens Division
Time to dust off your shoes + shin pads and stick and get yourself to training, and just as important, we need you to Sign On ASAP so we can ensure we nominate enough teams to cater for all levels of participation. 
You only have to Register Now so we know who is playing, this will generate an Invoice straight away which will be emailed to you.  You are able to pay by instalments:  Sign On and pay the 1st Installment of $200 for Seniors & $150. for Juniors & $100 for Rookies which is due by the 31st March.  Please remember to use your Invoice as the reference with your online banking.
Your 2nd Installment is then due by the 31st May and the 3rd & Final Installment is due by the 31st July.  All other payment plans must be submitted to the Treasurer by the 31st March for approval.
We also offer our Coaches & umpires a remuneration for their time commitment which can help pay off your fees, for further information please contact a member of our Management team. 

                                 Sign-on for 2020 Outdoor Season.Register Now

Clubs printable Training + Events Calendar


Need to know what is going on in your club then download or print a user friendly copy of our calendar

2020 Club Training & Events Calendar:  Click Here

BWHA have updated the Draft of 2020 fixtures dates for all comps:  actual game draws to follow soon

2020 Draft of BWHA Fixtures dates

Clubs Wet Weather Policy


Hey everyone

Please assume that Jun or Snr Turf trainings or Games are always on unless there is a lighting storm or the

fields are flooded and, in both cases, the SHC Management usually make that call about 1hr before the booked time. 

We would then post a message on face book or email all players.  When the teams are more settled the Coaches or

Managers will set up a message group for each team and send a text message to all for such news etc

and in all cases please use your personal discretion to ensure your safety in your travel to all events.


Below is the Clubs Wet Weather policy:

Game Cancellations
are only done by BWHA Management and notices are forwarded out by them to us

which we would then put on to our Web page and Facebook page.  We would also notify the Coaches

and or Mangers and if possible (time permitting) email all members.

The decision for a Training session Cancellation is usually or whenever possible, not made until at

least within 1 hour prior to the allocated time unless called by SHC earlier due to the flooding of fields etc.

So what do you do when still in doubt: 

Step 1/   First check the Club Web page and our Facebook page for any updates 

                                  .Webpage: http://bulimbawhc.majestri.com.au

Step 2/   Call or text your Coach or Team Manager

Step 3/   for Game cancellations only Check BWHA Web page www.bwha.com.au 

for any updates or call the Wet Weather number provided # 1900 962 018

Step 4/   When in doubt turn up prepared to play or train...and please accept our apologies in advance

              if we still get it wrong if things changed and we did not catch up with you personally.


 If you are not attending trainings please advise me so I can pass on your apology to your coaches


If you are unavailable to play a game: 

 =>   on game days...... please advise your coach and myself at your earliest opportunity so we can ensure

                 we have time to arrange a sub for your team

 =>   if you know in advance re holidays etc .... same applies the early the notice the better for us to ensure

                 we have the team covered with a suitable sub,



thanks Gaye

Team/Player Co ordinator:  Gaye Swaffield

Email:  gswaffield@bulimbawomenshockeyclub.com.au
Mob: 0408 339891  or 07 3398 9191

Thank you to our Sponsors

logo the "Women's Division" of the Bulimba Hockey Club Inc                                                        is proudly sponsored by:


       It was with great pleasure that we have accepted another 3 Year Sponsorship package in 2020 with
Carina Leagues Club and we wish to take this opportunity to Thank them for their continued
financial assistance over several years now. We really appreciate their support, and are very honored to
be part of the many Sporting clubs within our community that they look after.  
We look forward to working with them for a further 3 years to build an even better
Bulimba Womens Division

                                           CARINA LEAGUES CLUB:  Membership application form

Hockey Players Wanted for 2020 Season

Bulimba Womens will be submitting Junior & Senior Teams in the following age groups

·         U7:  Rookie       (born 2013 to 2015)                        play Saturday Mornings from April till end August

·         U9:  Rookie             (born 2011 to 2012)                        play Saturday Mornings from April till early Sept

·         U11: Grass               (born 2009 to 2010)                        play Saturday Mornings from April till early Sept

·         U13: Turf          (born 2007 to 2008)                        play Saturday Mornings from Marchl till early Sept           

·         Junior Turf: JT         (born 2002 to 2006 & is still at school) play Friday Nights from March till early Sept

·         Senior Turf Div 2,3  (born 2006 or before)                    play Saturdays from March till early Sept

·         Senior Turf Div 4, 6  (born 2006 or before)              play Sundays from March till early Sept

·         Masters:  Div 2 & 4  (born 1985 or before)                   play Monday evenings from March till early Sept

·         Masters:  Div 1 only (born 1989 or before; Turning 31 in the Current Year):  play Monday evenings from March till early Sept

 Junior Teams Information:

 All our Junior Girls Train on a Wednesday afternoon from 5pm – 6pm, at our home ground situated at the State Hockey Centre (SHC), 400 Lytton Rd, Colmslie.

1st Preseason Junior Turf (JT & U13T) Skills session to start Wed. 5th Feb and will be run by our own Level 2 Coach and Life member Lynda Boyle.  Preseason is a great time for new players to come along and try and learn some skills before the season starts.  Club selection trial game Sunday 23rd Feb. at SHC Field1 4pm-5pm.

All players interested in playing U13T or JT are welcome. 

Grass (U11) + Rookies (U7 + U9) teams are to start their 1st skills session on Wed 26th Feb along with a Junior Goal Keeping Clinic to be run by Div1 keeper Jane Gleeson Turf 1 from 5-6pm.   

Senior Teams Information:

All our Senior Teams have Skills Training on a Wednesday night at the State Hockey Center (SHC) Turf fields (times vary from week to week as per roster) Club Fitness is usually held on a Monday night on the Grass fields at the SHC from 6.30pm but is also dependent on time of Turf roster of the night…. the Club Calendar will have updated times of all trainings  

We are recruiting players for all our Club Teams so please pass this information on to any interested mates from school or work or your community

To Sign On to play in the 2020 Season with Bulimba Womens Division please use our direct link to our club webpage below or for any further information please do not hesitate to call about the coming season.

Team/Player Co-ordination:  Gaye Swaffield
Email:  gswaffield@bulimbawomenshockeyclub.com.au
Mob: 0408 339891  or 07 3398 9191

Or use direct link to our Club Webpage: http://bulimbawhc.majestri.com.au

2019 Bulimba Womens 47th Annual Club Report

Take a look at our Photo Album: 2019 Trophy Night

Uniform and Merchandise Orders


Welcome all to Bulimba Players and Supporters

Just a reminder that any Shop orders must be completed online and paid for before collection.

If you complete your order online before Tuesday, we will endeavor, where possible, to have it ready for collection in the uniform shop on Wednesday.

We hope to have the uniform shop open most Wednesdays from 5.30pm to 6.30pm  to cater for Junior & Senior training times and make pick up easier.  But please note that the shop is at present ran by volunteers so opening times may vary from week to week until a convenor is appointed.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me :  karenghockey@gmail.com  

Kind regards, Karen 

Division 2 Women's Coach.

logo  We would like to take the opportunity to pay tribute and welcome to       

our Club’s 2019 Senior Coaching Staff:  Lynda Boyle

Lynda is celebrating 25 years of Service with Bulimba Women’s Hockey Club and we are so proud to have her as our 2019 Division 2 Women’s Coach.  

Lynda started playing with us in 1981 as a 9yr old in and right from the start she showed potential, she was awarded the team’s Most Consistent player & the Most Diligent Club Player. 

In her 2nd year, she represented Brisbane in U11’s and played in the Primary School Girls team and has since represented Brisbane several times in U14 & U15 & U18, also in later years as a Masters player.  

Of course, none of this is a surprise to us as Lynda does come from one of the families that founded our Men’s Club some 75 years ago, so she was always likely to be a good player and has grown to be an innovative & progressive coach. How proud June & Bill Grant must be of their daughter. 

During her 25 years of service with us, Lynda has held several club positions, as our youngest Club President for 6 years from 1997 - 2002, she has also been a Selector and a Junior & Senior Coach of several teams. 

Most recently, Lynda has coached our U13T team to 2 Grand Finals, while also coaching the Lourdes Hill JT3 team to 2 Grand Finals, which is truly an outstanding effort.

Lynda has also represented Brisbane in recent years, (as a non-player), firstly 2017 as a U13 Selector & a Coach of the Brisbane Opens team for the Qld Festival of Hockey and again in 2018 as Assist Coach to the Premier League team Brisbane Blitz.

 We welcome Lynda to her new coaching role and we look forward to working with her in rebuilding our Club’s top team.  We are very excited about the promise of things to come in 2019 and many more seasons to come.

Take a look at our Photo Album: Club day 23 March

Take a look at our Photo Album: 2019 U13T Photos

2019  Div 2 team

JT & 13T Turf Skills Session SHC: FF1 5pm-6pm
Junior GK clinic 5pm-5.30pm
Snr Skills session SHC: FF2 7pm-8pm
Senior Selection Trial Game for players seeking to play Division 4 & 6 at the SHC: FF1 4pm-5pm
Snr Fitness Session 6.30pm at Hawthorne Park, Bulimba
BWHA Council Meeting: 7pm at Downey Park
All Junior Girls teams (Turf & Grass) Skills sessions
at SHC: FF2 5pm-6pm

Senior Skills session SHC: FF2 7pm-8pm
Entire Calendar...
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